More Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR codes. :). This time, I made Ciel Phantomhive’s (from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji) outfit from the cover of volume 6, and Crona’s (from Soul Eater) outfit. The author doesn’t provide a full body picture of Ciel in that outfit, so I don’t know what the back looks like. Sorry. ^^;. I also left off the ruffles that are on the inside of the jacket because there was no way to include them.
 As for Crona, I went off of memory. XD. I did the best I could with Animal Crossing’s limitations.

I hope you guys enjoy these designs! I’ll make one for Soul, Marie (if I can), Black Star (I think he’s SUPER easy, but who knows?), Blair (the dress, not the bikini and shorts), Spirit, Eruka, and Kim eventually. I don’t think Kilik, Ox, or Harvar are actually possible to cosplay in AC (I think the game lacks their hair), but if you want to see them, I’ll make them. As for why I’m not including Medusa, Arachne, Free, Tsubaki, Liz, or Patty on the list, I REALLY dislike Medusa, Arachne is impossible to make (I think), Free’s outfit is in game already (I think), Tsubaki is COMPLETELY impossible to make, and I think Liz and Patty’s outfits would look weird in AC. I will see what I can do for them, but they would be at the bottom of my list (as my character is tan right now, I couldn’t preview skin tone properly. They would end up a different skin tone than your character.)

BTW, the above list is for characters from Soul Eater.

From Black Butler, I MAY (note MAY) make Lizzy or Grell. But I don’t think either of their hairstyles exist in game. Which is kind of annoying, as I like both of them. I may also make Madame Red, but her dress would be shorter than it should be. I’d also like to make the outfits for William or Ronald, but I’m PRETTY sure they’re in game already. ^^;. I’ll double check on that.

Other anime/video games: Um.. I have no idea what else TO make. XD. I’d like to do some more MapleStory designs, but most of them are impossible to do. And I MAY (note may) make Oz or Gilbert’s outfit sometime. But not Break or Sharon. I don’t care for them. ^^;). I don’t know what else, though. Maybe I can make Shinku or Suigintou (from Rozen Maiden)?. I don’t know. ^^;.

Edit: I have created Oz’s outfit, but I don’t want to upload it until I make more designs. Not sure who’s next. I think I’ll make Gilbert, just to finish the set of the three main characters from Pandora Hearts, then maybe I’ll make Shinku. :)

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